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About the Photographs




Most  West Wind Vistas images are a composite created in Gary's digital darkroom from a series of photographs.  Gary especially enjoys the challenge of using both his technical and artistic skills to achieve the goal of a final product that reproduces the scene as it looked the day he shot the images.

In 2006, Gary moved from film to an all-digital system using a Canon 5D camera.  The West Wind Vistas images on this website were shot with either a Canon EOS3 using traditional 35mm slide film or with the Canon 5D.  When using film, Gary preferred Fujifilm Velvia 100F for its rich, saturated colors.




All photographs are printed in Gary's studio.  He has now added an Epson R2400 for smaller images and note cards.  Larger images are printed with an Epson 7800 printer.  West Wind Vistas, whether limited or open editions and including note cards, are printed using archival papers and pigment inks.  Photographs printed using these combinations of ink and paper  have been tested by Wilhelm-Research.  Test results indicate that all West Wind Vistas photographs should not fade or show color changes for more than 100 years when displayed under glazing with UV protection. 



Limited or Open Edition Prints / Framing

Limited edition photographs are signed and numbered.  They are offered as prints only or with standard custom framing, which includes a white six-ply archival mat, UV-protection non-reflective glazing and a contemporary black metal  frame.



Large and Unusual Sizes

West Wind Vistas photographs typically have unique aspect ratios which result in unusual print sizes.  Therefore, each photograph has its own size and price list.  Visit  The Galleries to select the type of images you want to view.  Then you can click on a thumbnail to see a larger version of the photo, the sizes available and the prices. 

Do you need a really big piece of art to hang behind a sofa, above a stairway or over a large fireplace?  Many West Wind Vistas photographs are available in VERY LARGE sizes by special request (frame sizes up to five feet on the long side.)   Give us a call at 316.613.3456 or send an email for more information.




If you have any questions about the photographs, the techniques, ordering or anything else, please send us an email or stop by our booth at an art show - check the schedule to see when we'll be near your area.


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